About Us

Shakib Hasan

My Story

The path to becoming a digital marketer and specially an SEO Expert was not easy.

I decided to learn SEO in 2018. Then I learned the work of SEO from an organization in Bangladesh. It took me about a year to fully learn and understand. My intention was to learn SEO practically so as soon as I learned SEO I created a new site and started working there. There were a lot of mistakes when I started practicing it. But later I corrected those mistakes. After correcting my mistakes, I started doing SEO practically again and got success. Now 2021, I claim to be an SEO expert.

Why I am different?

I am different from everyone else because I have learned through hard work and come through many mistakes. 

Bill Gates said that “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” I totally agree with him and by acting accordingly I have found success in life. Well-educated people are only self-educated. And I can claim myself to be a self-taught person. I can guarantee you quality work

Super Efficient

Since I have been involved in this work for a long time, you can call me proficient. I hope I can do your job efficiently

Deeply Commited

I am committed to my clients and to my works. My client can let me know his opinion at any time. And I always prioritize my client's words.

Highly Skilled

Since I am an SEO expert you can get quality work from me.